Join OneCoin – OneLife

Join OneCoin – OneLife

Welcome to newbies at join OneCoin OneLife IMA Network.

Following below step by step instruction you have to follow to join Onlife IMA Network.

  1. First of all you have to create free account at OneCoin Signup.
  2. Now Login to your account,  OneCoin Login.
  3. After successful Login you must go to your profile –>Security and Reset Transnation Password.
  4. You will receive  Transaction password change confirmation on your email, Please Confirm.
  5. After Creating Transaction password please go to your profile again and edit your Address (Note: Put correct address because you have to give proof of Residence), Now edit Birth information and finally edit Identification. Note: All Edits requires Transaction password.
  6. Now go to your Profile –> KYC and Upload Documents, ID/PASSPORT and PROOF OF ADDRESS. You will find all Information below in your OneLife Account.

After Creating your profile go to Shop –> Upgrade package. You will see all information about  Packages. To calculate the actual price of packages Please go to Tools & Analysis here you have Split calculator and CURRENCY CALCULATOR.

To Join OneCoin Network you have to buy Educational Packages. I suggest you to buy 2 packages.

  1. Buy Starter with Activation Fees.
  2. And any other package without Activation Fees.

To Buy Packages Please, Must read How to Buy OneCoin Packages.

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If you need any further help please feel free to let us know: Contact US