Bitcoin vs OneCoin

Comparison of Bitcoin vs OneCoin

Comparison of Bitcoin vs OneCoin

AltCoins (BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc..):

  • Decentralized.
  • Subject to speculations.
  • Need for high-tech knowledge equipmen; Mining is less efficient.
  • Anonymous transactions.
  • Volatile Less Supply.


  • Centralized.
  • Long Term Strategy.
  • Focus on Innovation.
  • Mining Proces is streamined in mining pools;
  • Easy to use and mine.
  • Safe and traceable.
  • Higher Liquidity.
  • Fit for mass market usage.
  • Less Volatile.


  • Mining organized in mining pools. Fast And efficient.
  • Mining outsourced to company. Accessible to the everyone.
  • Safer, Coins cannot be lost.
  • Less volatile. The coin is suitable for mass-market usage.
  • No complicated hardware or advanced knowledge is needed.

Onecoin Core Values:

  1. Global
  2. Transparent
  3. Vision
  4. Borderless
  5. Easy & Safe
  6. Powerful BlockChain

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