UnixCoin Lending

UnixCoin Lending

Welcome to Unix Coin Lending program. Unixcoin introduces very great opportunity for investors to invest there money and earn daily bases profit. First of all you have to buy create an account here http://wake.unixcoin.com/register then deposit Bitcoins then buy Unixcoin then you can avail lending program.

Standard Lending:

Standard Lending Program

In standard lending program you can invest from $100 to infinity. Below are Standard Lending Program details.

Landing Program

In standard landing program there are 5 types of Unix Lending programs in which Landing amount, Guarantee, Up To and duration( Number of Days) are mentioned. You can choose any lending program respectively.

Hybrid Lending:

Hybrid Lending Program

Hybrid Lending program is only introduce by UnixCoin. Which are shown in below image.

Hybrid Landing

In this innovative hybrid lending program there are 4 types of Unix Lending programs in which duration (Number of days) Interest and payment terms are defined. Payment terms are that the profit will be given at the end of the duration Principle amount plus Interest will given, Profit will not be given on daily bases.

Landing Calculator:

Lending calculator is also given in lending page you can calculate your amount with respect to standard lending or hybrid lending.

Lending Calculator



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