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The OneLife Members has now reached the 3,051,386 mark – yet another impressive milestone on its path to success!

Following this tremendous achievement, we would like to thank all of you, who are already part of our Network, and are confident we can continue making history together! More and more people are taking advantage of our unique products and services, and we assure you that we will keep on presenting the best opportunities for all of you!

The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice. This allows them to understand and mine the OneCoin cryptocurrency, and make secure, low-cost, cross-border transactions.

We are thankful that we had the chance to share many fantastic moments together. Events like the OneLife MASTERMIND, Gold Rush, The Rise of The Empire and Coin Rush have proven how strong we are and what we can achieve.

Our corporate events marked major announcements like the start of the ONE mining in January 2015, when the total number of members was just above 51 000. Then, in May 2015 over 3 000 members were present in Dubai, during the “Gold Rush” event and witnessed the start of the ONE trading. In September, OneCoin had over 600 000 members and 5 000 of them joined us in Macao to celebrate the first year of the Company during our event “The Rise of The Empire”.

By June 2016 we had grown to 2 156 000 onelife members and the business had expanded enough to introduce 2 separate brands during the “Coin Rush” London event in front of over 4000 members – OneLife – for the network, and OneCoin – for the cryptocurrency. Today the brands have separate brand identities, websites and core businesses.

Our next event in Macao in May 2017 will undoubtedly continue the trend of fantastic improvements and announcements from our past events and we are looking forward to meeting 4 500 of you there!

With over 3,051,386 people already in the OneLife Family, we can only imagine what the future will hold. And we’ve already shown that together we can achieve more, we are stronger and our exponential growth is bound to continue! Thank you for your support and trust! As we say: OneLife – Together for more!

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