OneCoin – Welcome to the future of cryptocurrency

OneCoin – Welcome to the future of cryptocurrency

OneCoin OneLife Network’s mission is to enable a global community of web users to take active part in using and improving new, cutting edge digital products and services. Aim to increase the quality of life of members using the ONE Ecosystem. To provide alternative and equal access to practical and relevant financial education to people worldwide. Ignite a Natural Financial Evolution. Invite opportunities for Economic Growth and create new market opportunities.

Note: OneCoin OneLife neither investment company, nor investment intermediary and do not sell any investment.

What is OneCoin?

The founders of one coin digital currency believe that they have built much more than just an electronic currency. In order to make One unique and more successful than any of its peers, the founders have devised a whole new, comprehensive method that will help traders benefit from One as well as bring profits to the founders. The main components of OneCoin are as follows:

  • Tokens
  • Split
  • Mining
  • Personal Volume or PV and Business Volume or BV
  • Aurum gold coin (Currently not available)
  • One Academy
  • One lifepoints
  • One Exchange

OneCoin are selling educational packages and give the MAs an opportunity to apply the knowledge about the cryptocurrency into practice by providing them some promotional tokens which give access to the mining pools but not guarantee that and how many coins will be received.

Tokens provided when activate the particular package are promotional
ones and give the opportunity to IMAs to apply their knowledge about
cryptocurrencies they have acquired from our online education into

Remember: No one buys OneCoins or tokens.


  • We help people to explore the financial world and to get closer to their dreams.
  • Introduction to finance, Money and the Monetary System.
  • Financial Markets, Risk, Financial Management.
  • Behavioral Finance and Risk Management.
  • Forex Fundamentals.
  • Type of Trading – technical and fundamental.
  • Trading Strategies.

Onecoin Educational Packages:

  • Rookie free package .
  • Starter Package – Introduction to Finance.
  • Trader Package – Risk and Stock Market.
  • Pro Trader Package – Technical analysis of financial markets.
  • Executive Trader Package  – Forex and Econometric Analysis.
  • Tycoon Trader Package – Risk Management and Advanced Analysis I.
  • Tycoon + Trader Package – Risk Management and Advanced Analysis II.
  • Premium Trader Package – Behavioral Finance I.
  • Infinity Trader Package – Behavioral Finance II.

Run Your Own Business From Home:

  • Invite-only EXCLUSIVE membership.
  • Work hard and take advantage of the Rewards plan.

Connect with a global family of more than 3.0 MILLION members

Onecoin Storage And Security

  • SAFE
  • Client-based encryption
  • Free storage for members

Mobile Application Builder

  • Build your own customized business apps.
  • Start  and maintain  a long-term relationship  with  a loyal  merchant base.
  • Relevant  to modern  business needs.
  • Can produce maximum results an affordable price.

Future Plane:

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