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Onelife-Onecoin is the fastest growing company on this planet and world’s top ranked digital currency website. (alexa.com)

  • We are largest Digital Currency community over 3 million members with turnout over €100 billion.
  • We are the fastest Billion company in first 11months of its start as compared to Apple,Microsoft,Google & Facebook.
  • We have got over 30,000 merchants in less than 2 months where you can use coins to buy anything. (DEALSHAKER.COM)
  • We have already started OFCs(Option for Future Certificates) potentially converting to shares as we are registering in stock exchanges of China, Japan, Vietnam , Korea & many other countries.
  • We are world’s world’s fastest growing network(businessforhome.org) with many leaders on top ranks. Out of top 10 Network Marketing Earners, 7 are from Onecoin.
  •  No.1 MLM Earner Mr. Juha Pariala is earning  over €4.8 million per month. Dr. Zafar is ranked top no.6 in the whole world of MLM (businessforhome.org)
  • We are certified by German,Swedish & Bulgarian, Norway & Italian Law Authorities.
  • Chinese Government approved us to link with China Union Pay.
  • 10 million users & 1 million merchants target on the way.
  • Our monthly audit is done  by world’s largest auditors.
  •  Successful takeover of 4 companies 1-Conligus 2-OPN 3-Univer Team 4-BNJ
  • Onecoin has 7 offices 1-Germany 2-Bulgaria 3- Hong Kong 4- Dubai 5- Vietnam 6- Mexico 7- North America
  • Onecoin has produced over 4000 coin Millionnaires & 1000 commission Millionnaires
  • Over 120,000 people have earned over €1000 in bonuses
  • We have world’s most powerful block chain with capacity of 50,000 coins per minute.
  • We have KYC procedure in place.
  • We are in over 195 countries
  • We got Shariah Compliance Certificate
  • We are focusing more on education than any other Digital Currency Company

1- The Concept
OneLife Video Presentation. The Future of Payments [ENG]

Short and easy OneCoin presentation

2. The Compensation Plan
How we make money
OneCoin – 5 reasons to join now… The next Bitcoin movement.

3. Five Reasons To Join OneCoin
One Coin – crypto currency. Learn, grow, trade, succeed!

4.  ?Tom Mc Murrain- Amazon Best Selling Book Author?
Tom Mc Murrain the author of Amazon best selling book ” The 7th Disruption-The Rise Of The Digital Currency Billionnaire” talks about digital currency and Onecoin. I bet after watching it, you will have more than 100% confidence in digital currency

5.  How the blockchain is changing money & business: Don Tapscott

6. Interview of founder & visionary of Dr. Ruja Ignatova

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