What Is CryptoCurrency?

Cryptocurrency is based on cryptography the guarantee and its security and makes it difficult to count of it. OneCoin is created through the process is called mining. This insure that every mined coin is unique, Similar to how every dollar built has a unique serial number called digital money or electronic cash. CryptoCurrency can be used instead of paper money. CryptoCurrency make it easier and faster to transfer a funds between two parties. The Processing fees is low and enabling users to avoid the expensive fees charged by the most traditional financial institution for wire transfers. CryptoCurrencies  are not tight to a particular Country or Central Bank therefore the value depends mainly on number of people and merchants using them besides supply and demands. OneCoin is not pre mined and therefore the users create the market, mine and use the coins. The finite number of coins that can be mined and consequently traded means there is no real risk of  inflation. OneCoin changes the way we use financial services! ONECOIN JOIN THE FINANCIAL REVOLUTION.

OneCoin is one of the latest CryptoCurrency that has headquarters in Europe and carries out its operations worldwide. It heavily focuses and relies on the vital markets like Europe, Africa, India and other Asian countries, especially the southeastern region. The OneCoin CryptoCurrency has regional offices all over the global and its fast expansion is mainly due to its increasing number of traders. In fact, One aims to have over one million traders worldwide and issue approximately 2.1 billion coins in the system.

Step By Step Instruction – How to Start With OneCoin?

Welcome to future of Cryptocurrency OneCoin. Before we start you have a free account to learn below instructions. Note: By Joining us you are a part of fastest growing Independent Marketing Associate Network, Upgrade your account so you get all bonus.

  • First of all make a free account Click Here.
  • After creating an account go to onelife.eu and login your account.
  • After Successful login Verify yourself to do so Click Here
  • To Start with onecoin you have to buy onecoin packages, but how, Click Here
  • Thats all below are the details about your dashboard.

And to Learn more about OneCoin Please Visit Here.

  1. After creating an account you have access to you dashboard where you can see all elements on home page we will discuss it later on, First thing you have to do is to verify yourself but how please Learn Here.
  2. After successful verifying yourself go to your dashboard here you can see on top left two icons 1st is for navigation bar and the second is home button. Leave it we will discuss it later on. Scroll down you will see blue background screen and we starts from top left, you will find
    Onecoin Account
    0.00 ONE
    this is a account where you will have OneCoins after mining your tokens and you will also get OneCoins with 4 types of Bonuses  to learn about bonuses Click Here.
  3. Tokens Account
    0.00 ONE

    This is what Onelife gives you when you buy OneCoin Packages see the below image where you will find Onecoin Packages with Tokens and Splits.We will discuss about splits later on.OneCoin Packages with Tokens And Splits
  4. How to buy OneCoin Packages Click Here.
  5. Cash Account
    0.00 ONE

    In Cash Account you will have usable cash with which you can either upgrade your package or you can withdraw cash directly to your bank account this cash account updated in weekly bases and depends upon bonuses you have earned. Note there are 4 types of bonuses and 10% is the commission, you can get 6% on your cash account and 4% goes to Trading Account. 6% of your bonus payments go to your cash account. With the cash here you can withdraw your commission. You can withdraw money to your OnePay e-wallet, bank account via wire transfer or Perfect Money account (a relevant fee will be charged). We will issue your withdrawal request the complete process can take up to 4 weeks – if you change your mind about the withdrawal you can cancel it anytime. When the company has processed the withdrawal you can see this it is marked as withdrawal “processed”.
  6. Trading Account
    0.00 ONE
    As I told you 4% comes to trading account of your bonuses, payments will be paid to your trading account. The cash here is used to buy promotional tokens. You have 7 days to make the purchase, or the system automatically carries out a buy order for you.
  7. CoinSafe
    0.00 ONE 
    You can put your coins into safe for 12 months and 24 months interest will be applied accordingly. you cannot cancel this once you  applied.
  8. Coming Soon
    This is what no one knows about what comes here.
  9. OneLife Points
    0.00 OLP
    OneLife Points Stands Innovation, Profitability and Success For Your members,
    You will receive OneLife points per day.You can exchange your OneLife Points for attractive items, holiday trips, luxury watches and many more in future.

  10. Directly sponsored – 00
    Rookie – 00
    This is referring more peoples under your network. If you refer 2 peoples and 1 buy packages and other did not, then on your Directly sponsored it appears 2,  like this Directly sponsored – 02 and Rookie – 01.
  11. Points left: 0 BVP
    Points right: 0 BVP
    This is the Business Volume Points, Generated on weekly basis. It includes the bonuses you have earned per week.
  12. Bonus earned This week
    0.00 EUR
    Total Bonus Earned
    0.00 EUR
    It includes Bonus you earned this week,  Last Receive Bonus,  Total Bonus Earned, Total Bonus accumulated since your first bonus payment.To Learn about Bonus Click Here.
  13. Account splits 0 of 0
    Super splits 0 of 0
    What is split? An increase in the number of outstanding shares of a company’s stock. When 1 split is done your Tokens goes double this is the best offer company gives you to make more coins. Now the question is how you can get more splits. you can buy 2 or 3 low packages as compare to buy big packages below diagram show you how.
    OneCoin Packages And Expected Return in US

    SPLIT BAROMETER DIFFICULTY is when it goes to 100% A split is done. And INCREASE BAROMETER is when it goes to 100% the value of onecoin increases and also the DIFFICULTY increases. We Will Discuss about difficulty later on.
  15. TOKEN – 0.18 EUR
    ONE – 9.85 EUR
    I think no need to explain this term this is the value of 1 Tokens and 1 Onecoin in euro.
  16. Difficulty
    99.00 TKN
    This is the current difficulty, when INCREASE BAROMETER goes to 100% then difficulty increases. Current difficulty is 99 its mean when you put you tokens for mining, 99 token will apply to make onecoin.
    How can we calculate the number of Onecoin using our tokens? This is simple We can calculate this using below formula
    Number of Tokens / Difficult = OneCoins
    And How can we calculate it in Euro.
    OneCoins * Euro Rate = Euro.
    This all information also explained in upper image in (12) point, when difficulty was 99.